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We are established under the Companies Act, 1956 and previously we were doing consultancy and advisory services on Trademarks Management. By our rich and vast experience in trade marks management and internet searching for Brands during the last one decade, we have conceived a new and unique concept to launch this exclusive ‘online brands bazaar’ for display of various global, national and regionalbrands’ owned by traders and companies, either in Corporate sector or in Small and Medium Enterprises, along with their clickable website links arranged as per the ‘international classification of goods and services’ provided under the (Indian) Trade Marks Act, 1999 on commercial service basis.

The Board of Directors of our company are also having three decades of vast experience in ‘brand protection’ also. Hence the main object of our company is “to maintain, run, operate and provide online bazaar or platform for promoting the brands or trade marks owned by various persons, concerns, companies and other entities for their products or services, by establishing links to their websites and to provide brand protection solutions and brand management”.

Why we adopt the name ‘BRANDS BAZAAR INDIA
Everybody knows what is meant by ‘BRAND’ which normally refers a name, sign, symbol, slogan, label or anything that is used to identify and distinguish a specific product, service or business. The word ‘BAZAAR’ means a permanent market place or street of shops or a group of short narrow streets of stalls under one roof and the said word is believed to have originated in Persia and its use has spread into Arabic, Turkish, European languages and then eastward it has invaded into India where it has generally been adopted in all regional languages.

Indian economic market consists of 28 States and 7 Union Territories (with population of over 1.8 billion) wherein there are so many ‘regional brands’, either in a State level or in a District level, apart from national and global brands.

That is the reason we have combined both the words ‘BRANDS’ and ‘BAZAAR’ in order to launch this exclusive website for brands alone by maintaining one ‘online Brands Bazaar’ for promoting and displaying branded products or services in the Indian market by global and Indian traders/companies, on commercial service basis i.e. by displaying Brand advertisements through Internet with hyperlink to the brand owners’ website throughout a year on moderate yearly tariff rates - view Tariff

Both the words have the same meaning. But the word ‘Brand’ is a commercial terminology and a legally protected ‘brand’ is called as ‘trademark’ which is a legal terminology. Hence most of the countries in the world have enacted laws for better protection of Brands under the (legal) name ‘Trademarks Act’.

Further ‘Brand Management’ is the function of the Marketing Department of an organization to conceive, design, formulate and create ‘brands’ and ‘brand awareness’ in the interests of ‘consumers’ but ‘Trademarks Management’ is the function of the Legal Department of an organization to get registration, renewals and initiating action against infringers in protecting the interests of ‘brand owners’.

The person who is managing the ‘Brands’ in a business establishment will be called as ‘Brand Manager’ (or Marketing Manager) and the person who is practising in getting legal protection for Brands will be called as ‘Trademarks Attorney’ (or Trademarks Agent).


Brand awareness’ is always important while marketing a product or service. An established brand gives your product or service an authority in the market.

One way to promote ‘brand awareness’ is through internet display advertisements . It contains text, logos, images, devices and other similar items. The online brand display advertisement in a web page makes consumers recognize the existence and availability of branded products or services available either in Corporate sector or Small and Medium Enterprises.

Online display advertising is a form of internet marketing. Web banners are the common example of it. These are purposely made for viewers to ‘click’ on the advertisement and generate sales. The repeated exposure of this kind of advertisements on web pages generate positive impression towards the ‘brand’. Thus display advertising has proved to be effective in promoting ‘brand awareness’.

Exposure of your brand
is very important. Hence the unique concept of this website is to bring maximum number or regional, national and global branded products or services into this single and exclusive ‘online brands bazaar’ arranged as per the international ‘classification of goods and services’ prescribed under Schedule IV to the (Indian) Trade Marks Rules, 2002. The repeated exposure of your ‘brand’ on the internet throughout a year particularly in our online ‘brandsbazaarindia.com’, fosters familiarity of your branded products and services among the global traders and consumers. Sometimes the viewers, either a retail traders or consumer, may not click on (your) displayed brand as they see it but in the case when they need a product most likely they will think of (your) brand because it is being exposed on internet throughout a year in our web pages.


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